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E-scooters speak for lightness, simple handling and low operating costs. In the meantime, they have established themselves as a fixed component in the traffic of large and small cities. With the option of recharging your scooter at almost any available power source, the range of the batteries can be extended by up to 40 kilometers. The right balance of practical folding function and safe stability when driving ensures a pleasant experience.

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MODSTER SC L7 e Skateboard 90mm 2x450W 36V 7.5A longboard
MODSTER SC L7 e Skateboard 90mm 2x450W 36V 7.5A...
MODSTER SC L7 - The perfect skateboard for everyday use! With the SC L7 you are not only fast, but can also go very far thanks to the powerful drive! The e-skateboard is equipped with a dual-stroke motor. The board owes its stable...
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  • Fast and high range
  • Stable structure
  • LED floor lighting

The speed of an e-Scooter

Motors and batteries are constantly evolving and ensure, that e-scooters are no longer toys. The models sometimes reach top speeds of up to 40 km / h. Our e-scooters are a great alternative to buses or trams. The electric scooters are driven by extremely powerful motors, which can have up to 600 watts. Other factors are of course the design and suspension for the individual tires. An energy recovery system may extend the range of the scooter.

The weight of an e-scooter

Another important aspect – when choosing and buying the right e-scooter – is weight. It varies greatly between the models and, in addition to the materials used, also depends on the electric motors and the focus of the e-scooter. In mainly narrow streets and fast maneuvers, light materials and low weight are preferable. This also makes it easy to take the device with you on public transport. For e-scooters, that are designed for long distances and that offer a lot of driving comfort, the weight is usually higher. In return, they give the driver a feeling of high stability and are very comfortable to drive, even after some kilometers.

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