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MODSTER defines itself within the RC industry as a company, that offers its customers the full range of remote-controlled vehicles and devices. This of course also includes robotics products, internationally known as “robotics”. This relatively young high-tech science deals with the possibilities of enabling extremely precise physical interaction between mobile machines and their environment. It makes them dance, sing, learn and perform tricks - one of the most exciting topics of the 21st century!

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MODSTER MD3 Bausatz inkl. 3 Erweiterungen powered by Pingpong
MODSTER MD3 Bausatz inkl. 3 Erweiterungen...
Faszinierendes High-Tech-Produkt für zuhause: Erschaffen Sie mit dem Pingpong MD3-Set Ihren individuellen, maxifunktionalen Roboter, der u.a. schnell und wendig fährt, Tricks ausführt, sich selbst aufrichtet und sogar selbstständig...
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MODSTER MD4 Bausatz inkl. 4 Erweiterungen powered by Pingpong
MODSTER MD4 Bausatz inkl. 4 Erweiterungen...
Faszinierendes High-Tech-Produkt für zuhause: Erschaffen Sie mit dem Pingpong MD4-Set Ihren individuellen, maxifunktionalen Roboter. Er kann u.a. schnell und wendig fahren, Tricks ausführen, Gegenstände greifen und sich selbstständig neu...
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MODSTER Robot King RTR Roboter Fahrzeug und Greifarm
MODSTER Robot King RTR Roboter Fahrzeug und...
Mit dem MODSTER Robot King präsentieren wir Ihnen unseren ersten fahrbaren Funktions-Roboter mit Greifarm! Wer lernt, gewinnt – und mit dem Robot King lernt man schnell und hat viel Spaß dabei! Dieses Produkt ist ein bildungsfördernder...
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  • mehrdimensionales Lernen
  • programmierte Funktionen
  • 4WD, Greifarm und Lastentransport

In Europe, many people mistakenly still see robots as powerful science fiction heroes, who are mostly used in action films and fantasy series. This is one of the reasons, why the everyday use of robots in these countries is mostly (still) limited to development in universities and the industrial production of goods. Highly intelligent robots stand for nothing less than the total transformation of many areas of life. What used to be done laboriously and time-consuming by hand now works in seconds thanks to computer-aided robotics.

Children, adults and seniors play, work and learn with robots

In Asia, which is traditionally crazy about technology, one is already further along. There, robots clean the streets, show travelers the right way or even take care of elderly people in need of care. The latter may sound strange, but older people's experiences with computer beings are quite good: They ensure that patients take their medicine on time, sing or talk to them in a language of their choice or automatically call for help in an emergency.

This fact underlines, that robots not only have a specific target group, but can be helpful and / or entertaining for everyone: Experts already recommend children from three years of age to play and learn with them, including for programming. Companies buy the technology, because it makes processes much easier and at the same time increases work safety. But even adults can give free rein to their urge to play and experiment. Because there are also robots, that are used for entertainment or for training and demonstrating skills and tricks.

Easy-to-program gripper arms, versatile functions
MODSTER also offers the highest quality and innovation for the home in the area of ​​robotics. We produce i.a. remote-controlled systems with which you can not "only" drive, but also transport, grip, build, move and much more. can. Programming is child's play and can be customized.
In this way, fun, games, learning and RC technology are mixed together. Find out the many possibilities bit by bit! Test and perfect all the features and actions you can use, to impress your friends and family! Robots are also an ideal gift.

Thanks to the latest technology, highly sensitive sensors, battery-operated motors and multifunctional, extremely flexible components, many robots are very similar to animals or humans. That is quite deliberate, because the experts take reality as a model here. All of this means, that robots with remote control are also enjoying increasing popularity at home. Strike now and convince yourself of the fascination of robots with MODSTER!